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Rune1 Background
Rune1 is a massive re-make of your favorite game from late 2004. The Rune1 Team brings you a nostalgic experience like no other. We have worked hard to develop this accurate re-make of the real game using the actual 2004 game files - Models, Items, Maps, and Sprites. It has All Skills Working, All fightable monsters, Shops, Music & Sounds, Quests, Bosses, and Minigames.

Rune1 is independently owned. The Administrators of Rune1 have nothing to do with the original game creators/company. The Administrators claim zero credit for any copyrighted material found within the Rune1 Website or the Rune1 Game other than the "Rune1 Logo".

Rune1 is hosted for educational and historic archival purposes only. The primary purpose of hosting Rune1 is to preserve a piece of internet history, similar to the function of the website Rune1 is meant to be an educational resource for teaching players lessons about medieval life, language, trade and commerce, while at the same time being fun to play.

Rune1 aims to offer a warm welcoming community environment that is actively moderated by staff team members that adhere to a high standard of integrity.

Future of the Project
Rune1 is relatively new, having just launched on Jun 22 2018, it still contains some bugs and unfinished content. We intended for Rune1 to be close to the original game with only a few additional changes to make it more enjoyable. We do not plan on expanding the game further beyond 2004 content except for the possible introduction of a few items from 2005 further down the road.

Since launch we've recieved hundreds of bug reports and fixed many of them so far but still have a ways to go.
We appologize for any bugs you encounter.
Or main goal is to get the server and community stable first, then begin advertising it, then we will slowly develop it until 100% of the game content is complete over the course of the next year.

Tradable Holiday Rare Items will be distributed the same way as the real game. The items will be spawned randomly across the map during the Event. The next Holiday Event will take place on Halloween, October 31 2018.

Staff Team
The basis of the Rune1 project was founded by Mod Zenix several years ago, and was revived in 2018 with contributions by ex-Administrator Devenir.
  • Mod Zenix - 21 m - Owner/Administrator ~ Lead Client & Server Developer ~ Graphics Artist
  • We are searching for Player Moderators in-game. If you wish to apply click here

  • Rune1 is not owned or operated by the company that created the original game.
    Rune1 Administrators claim zero credit for any copyrighted material on this website.
    Rune1 is hosted for educational purposes only. All copyrighted material belongs to it's respective owners.
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