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  Ice Spider

Height: 12 in
Weight: 25 lbs
Varieties: Level 61
Locations: White Wolf Mountain, Wilderness ice plateau
Appearance: Icy
Way of Life: These battle-hardened arachnids represent the price of admission for many hardcore Runescapers.
Likes: Their inhospitable terrain, which gives them an immediate homefield advantage in any combat situation
Dislikes: Non-members who attempt to stray into the members' area. The non-members' inability to access this area deprives the ice spiders of a tasty snack

  Ice Warrior

Height: Varies
Weight: Unknown
Varieties: Level 57
Locations: Ice Giant's Cave, White Wolf Mountain dungeon, wilderness
Appearance: Like men made of ice
Way of Life: Mysterious
Likes: The question "Do you want ice with that?" where "that" refers to an pick-axe that is then embedded in some smart-alec's head
Dislikes: Smart-alecs (see above)


Height: 10 in
Weight: 15 lbs
Varieties: Level 2
Locations: Imps have an annoying habit of turning up everywhere
Appearance: Small, with a distinctively bright red colour to them. Combine this with their cheeky impishness, and it's easy to see why some think of them as "little devils"
Way of Life: Opportunistic. Imps love to steal little items, such as wool, beads, food and hats
Likes: Running away just when you're about to kill them
Dislikes: People who confuse them with party hats