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  Red Dragon

Height: 30 ft long
Weight: The council tried to weigh one but she just wouldn't have it. We decided not to pursue the matter
Varieties: Level 135
Locations: The Dragon's spirit dictates that their environment will reflect their nature. The Baby Blue Dragon likes to reside close to peaceful Taverley Lake, the Red Dragon prefers the red hot magma of the lava lake
Appearance: As red as the RuneScape sun itself- and just as insistent!
Way of Life: Strolls around areas of the wilderness at leisure. Keeping Players at bay with her powerful Dragon Breath. You might want to take measures to protect yourself from this
Likes: So-called "Dragon Slayers". They generally fail
Dislikes: Actual "Dragon Slayers"

  Renegade Knight

Height: 6 ft 1in
Weight: 210 lbs
Varieties: Level 35
Locations: Morgan Le Faye Castle
Appearance: Sinister
Way of Life: Having parted company from the Knights of the Round Table, these renegades now worship Sir Mordred- the evil nemesis of King Arthur, their former master
Likes: Their independence.
Even the most pure of heart would have to acknowledge that the Knights of the Round Table can be quite stuffy at the best of times
Dislikes: Strange deliveries to their otherwise impregnable fortress


Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 200 lbs
Varieties: Level 14
Locations: The wilderness
Appearance: Friendly and approachable. But these are not your Shakesperian "loveable old rogues"- they're the kind that will happily stab you in the face.
Way of Life: Rogueish.
Likes: To break the rules.
Dislikes: Most people.