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Height: Up to 3 ft long
Weight: Up to 120 lbs
Varieties: Level 12
Level 32 (king scorpion)
Locations: The poison and king scorpions can be found in the Taverley dungeon and the Dwarven Mine respectively
Appearance: Like more aggressive lobsters
Way of Life: Venomous. Scorpions inject potentially fatal poison into their victims. King scorpions are large and aggressive, so run first and ask questions later!
Likes: Stinging you with their tail
Dislikes: Quest happy "Scorpion Catchers"

  Shadow Spider

Height: 10 in
Weight: 20 lbs
Varieties: Level 49
Locations: Can be found in dungeons - underneath the waterfall and in the wilderness where it makes full use of its natural camouflage
Appearance: Some way between a spider and shadow. But by the time you've worked out whether it's there or not, these aggressive little monsters will have already drawn blood
Way of Life: Clandestine- and they like the darkness too
Likes: Hiding, waiting for the kill
Dislikes: Other spiders


Height: 3 ft 6 in
Weight: 230 lbs
Varieties: Level 0
Locations: There is a sheep farm close to Lumbridge, and a sheep pen in Ardougne
Appearance: Like moving balls of fluff
Way of Life: Passive and pastoral
Likes: Following each other around
Dislikes: Getting poked with cattle-prods
(see Sheep Herder quest)


Height: N/A: depends on previous wearer
Weight: 100 lbs: more for people who are "big-boned"
Varieties: Various
Locations: Ghost-town dungeon, Members' dungeon, Varrock sewers
Appearance: Under-nourished
Way of Life: Skeletons are said to descend from strange necromancers who unleashed whole armies of them during the wars of the third age. Higher-level skellys tend to be more aggressive, but all are equally mindless in their joyful pursuit of violence
Likes: Guarding doors in the name of Zamorak
Dislikes: Archaeological digs