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Why Donate?
If you enjoy Rune1, please make a donation.

Rune1 relies on donations, because its 100% free-to-play and has no ads. We need your donations to help pay the server hosting bills, advertisement costs, and to support the developers. All donations are highly appreciated. The entire game is programmed and run by Mod Zenix operating on a low budget. Donations allow us to rent better hosting, buy ads, and dedicate more time to programming Rune1. The more donations we get, the longer we can pre-pay our server hosting bills and ensure Rune1 stays stable and enjoyable for months to come!

What are the benefits of Donating?
If you donate $15+ you will receive the Donator status in-game distinguished by an icon next to your in-game username and on the forums. A donation of $75+ unlocks the elite Super Donator status. For every $1 donated, you will be credited 2 Loyalty Points which can be spent at the Varrock Museum Historical Item Shop which sells untradable discontinued items. The Donator status icon is only for looks and doesn't give any advantages over other players. We believe everyone should be on a level playing field and choose not to make Rune1 a "pay to win" game.

Donation Methods
We currently accept the following donation methods:

How the System Works
Once we have received your donation, a unique Redemption Code will be generated, and then sent to your e-mail. You can enter this code in-game by opening Main Menu -> Help -> Redeem Code on the character you wish to apply Donator Status. This system allows you to donate on behalf of other players, you can tell them your Redemption Code and they redeem it on their character. If you have any issues with redeeming or receiving your Redemption Code, click here to contact the Rune1 Admins for support.

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