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starting out (quick tips)
It can be rough at first, but it gets much easier the further you get. I recommend killing goblins until you have at least 5 attack and 5 strength or until you feel comfortable and then take the time to travel to Ardougne to gain some thieving levels but also to get some cakes from the bakers stall as they heal 12 hp  within 3 bites. Additonally, you can get the ability to teleport to falador, varrock, and camelot. You should thieve until you have enough cakes and money to buy a steel sword and some iron armour. once you do that kill cows for cow hides and tan the hides for some early crafting exp. When you have enough health and atk/str to defend yourself, you should go on and complete the waterfall quest right away. You get a ton of str/atk exp from this quest. After all of this you will have at least 30 atk/str and some starting gear, some leather armours from cow hides, the ability to teleport (after you get the magic level) and hopefully a bit of loose change from thieving to pay for some arrows or runes. From here you are basically able to go on and do what you want with your account. This is just from my experience playing (: good luck
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