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Best thing I've ever seen in years (contains feedback)

first, let me say this is the best thing I've ever seen in years.

Now, let me introduce myself: I'm a 28 years old guy from Rome and I've spent countless hours in my past playing this MMORPG making character builds, doing PvP with friends, completing its awesome story-based quests, levelling skills, enjoying mini-games, exploring the vast game world, etc. .

I've been playing RS1 from 2002 to 2005 and RS2 from 2004 (never played the beta) to the first months of 2006, i remember every single little detail about this game and its updates.
I've always dreamt to play a 2004 version of RS2: you guys have fulfilled my dream.

I've always considered RS2 2004 and 2005 to be the best versions of the game: no OP weapons, no cartoony graphics, no silly NPCs and monsters, no bullsh*t. With Old Rs2 (the real one, not oldschoolscape which is a turd for hipsters in my opinion) we have real medieval retro-themed graphics which resemble classic games like Ultima, balanced weapons and almost-perfect gameplay. PvP is perfect: the only important thing in RS 2004/2005 is using good tactics, having a good character build AND a good equipment, instead of having only the uber l337 extreme weapon of weapons which costs 80M gold and a pure STR character.

Also, even if I've loved 2004 and 2005 almost at the same level, i surely prefer 2004 for the absence of the ancient magic book which i've always considered to be a little game breaker component: surely this wasn't OP like all the sh*t I've seen since 2006-07 but it is still remains an update that i didn't really consider to be useful (at the times there were lot of people which didn't like the ancient magic update like me).

I've perfectly noticed what you've done with Rune1 in every single detail: it is a love letter to REAL old players, the server is not some fake bullsh*it code from 2006-07 which pretends to be an original 2004 experience. little examples which serve as a real certificate of 2004's authenticity: The players and NPCs do not put their two-handed swords on their shoulders, no Tele-Block spell, the old design of the cities, the original welcome screen after you login into the game (which was removed and changed with another welcome screen in a late 2005 update)... these are all real proofs which confirm that the game code has been reverse-engineered from 2004 RS2 for real.

So, I want to say again: thank you for this awesome 2004 project.

I've something to say about your server:

1) I've noticed that there is "cook X" implemented into the server. I don't want to be a mood breaker but Cook X is surely not a game mechanic from 2004, it was introduced with a September 2005 update. If you want to keep Cook X (an awesome little update) why not introducing also Drop X? I play a very famous RS1 server which has this feature and it is a real time saver for skillers.

2) I would like to donate but I cannot find the "redeem code" option in the help section of the game client.

3) I've tried to send you some bug reports but the game client gave me errors. I've noticed two bugs at the moment. First one: there is a goblin inside lumbridge's goblins house which is standing in front of the door. It does nothing, it can't be attacked and it doesn't move. Second one: if you go upstairs in lumbridge castle you can't go downstairs.

4) I love x4 XP rates but I do not like custom-made free teleport spells. Any chance these free spells will be removed in the future?

5) Have you implemented all the quests from RS2 2004?

6) Another little thing: I've noticed you've included "7th realm" in the music box. 7th Realm is a music from 2005 :)

Keep up this awesome work and thank you again for your effort.

Re: Best thing I've ever seen in years (contains feedback)
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Well said! Long live RS 2004.

Re: Best thing I've ever seen in years (contains feedback)
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This server truely is a gem, I really hope jagex doesn't shut it down. These Rs Golden years deserve to be appreciated as something more than a distant memory. Perhaps you can't fault jagex for not releasing their own 2004 server without updates, as they are a business, but the least they can do is allow this one to live.  


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