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pretty serious magic bug
if you are using magic with a staff... an air staff for this example, and you have an auto-cast spell selected... say fire strike..... kill something with the auto cast spell and have a stat lowering spell like "confuse" "curse" or "weaken" selected, and click the NPC as they are dying and falling to the ground as the spells target. the next NPC you attack will have the spell effect and animation of the stat lowering spell but will auto cast it over and over and use the runes for the original auto-cast spell you selected (fire strike in this example). with "confuse" selected you can auto cast it and not do and damage to the npc and basically farm magic exp.... also it dose something really weird to your attack stat. mine was boosted to 227/41 but you cant actually hit any npc at all with attack this high, you will always hit "0"

pic of the stat bug as a result of this


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