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Incarnations of Illumination
Incarnations of IlluminationAre you valiant? Are you a hero? Are you capable of standing against a large horde of enemies while you yell a loud battle cry? Well, maybe you don't need to be able to do all of that...

We are the Incarnations of Illumination, the first clan to be established on Rune1. We are currently looking for new recruits.

Currently, our only requirement is that you fill out our application. We are looking for mature, kind, and helpful people to join our ranks. We have several ranks, a Discord chat (which Rune1 rules still apply in), and will be training for possible Castle Wars, PvP, PvM, and more!

We focus on bettering the game as a whole, creating a great atmosphere to play in within it. We're here to make a long lasting camaraderie.

This is just what we have to begin with! More regarding the clan will be announced, and exclusive to the clan and its members, such as clan hosted events and parties.


To join, please fill out the format. Considering the game was JUST released, there's no level requirement to join. Either post below, or send on Discord to Lux#7784.

Total Level:
Why do you want to join iOi?:
Do you have Discord?:
Always here to help. PM me @ Lux

Re: Incarnations of Illumination
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Good luck with your clan, Lux. I like to go solo so I won't be joining any clans.
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Re: Incarnations of Illumination
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Goodluck with the clan :)

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Re: Incarnations of Illumination
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Cool clan! Might consider :)