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Should the developers post public update logs to address which bugs are being fixed.

  • Yes - Public Update Log and Public To-Do List
  • No - Neither
  • Yes - Just a Public Update Log
  • Yes - Just a To-Do List

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  • Justin
Update Logs
I am requesting that @Mod Devenir & @Mod Zenix post an update log along with any update that goes on day by day.

Over the last three days since the release - there have been countless updates and it would be really great I think to not only keep track of said updates on a public level but letting the community know about updates that have come to pass and updates that are in the works.

I think it's really important for everybody to be in the loop.

Either posted in "Official News & Announcements" or creating a new sub-forum where only the developers can create threads.

An example would be "Update vX.Y- 6/25/2018" - or whatever.

Similarly, and referring to the above statement, creating a public to-do list with known issues so that we don't receive multiple reposts.
This will also help in terms of organization.


Legend: Completed | WIP | Still Broken

Completed refers to known issues that have been fixed and patched.
WIP refers to known issues that are being fixed and will be applied in the next patch.
Still Broken refers to known issues that are.. you guessed it - still broken.

  • Hordes of Strange Plants
  • Pathfinding Issues
  • Fletching Longbows can be done a level early
  • Runecrafting Multiple Runes not functioning properly

Justin | Rune

Re: Update Logs
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Obviously it should be public

  • Justin
Re: Update Logs
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Obviously it should be public

Justin | Rune

  • Ed
Re: Update Logs
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Would be nice to see exactly what is being worked on and what is being fixed, even if it's just a small update every now and then - agreed.

Re: Update Logs
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I voted for the update log. No need to see to-do list.

Re: Update Logs
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I think this is a great idea. A to do list & update log would be nice, it would show red as in still broken & completed things in green & yellow for work in progress as the OP said. Maybe more news on the front page showing what new updates that have been done recently.


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