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Random Events

While playing Rune1 you may notice the occasional strange event happening near you. These events can happen at any time, and at any place. Some are potentially harmful, while others can benefit you. If you keep your wits about you, you may well profit from these events and come off better because of them; but if you're not paying attention, beware!

Random Event Teleportation

Some random events will teleport you away to strange locations, which may or may not be part of Rune1 itself. If you are teleported to these locations you will remain there until you complete the requirements of the random event; so, even if you log out you will find yourself in the random event when you log back in. Once you have completed the random event you will be returned to the spot you were taken from, except in the case of the Lost and Found Office, which will send you to the point you were trying to teleport to.


Some places are protected by guardians whom you may encounter on your travels. They are usually quite powerful and often your best option will be to run away, as they won't pursue you for very long. If you feel you're up to the challenge though, you can try and defeat them, collecting the items they may drop.

While Mining, you may disturb the sleep of one of these rocky giants. They're tough but fairly slow and barely intelligent.

Its combat level varies according to your own.
[image] River Troll
River Trolls are very possessive of their fish and will try to chase you away from them, though they won't move far.

Its Combat level varies according to your own, you may wish to stay and fight this greedy foe or simply run away.
Tree Spirit
Tree Spirits don't appreciate their homes being cut down and they won't wander far from them.

Its Combat level varies according to your own.
[image] Shade
Shades are vengeful spirits and will guard burial sites jealously.

Its Combat level varies according to your own.
Zombies will sometimes get drawn to you by the scent of freshly buried bones.

Its Combat level varies according to your own.

Gift Givers

It's always nice to receive a gift, and some random events in Rune1 will benefit you if you take advantage of them.


There are some events which should just be avoided. Steer clear, and you won't have any problems.

Drunken Dwarf
The lurching figure of a drunken dwarf will occasionally wander up to you.

Chat to him and he'll share his meal of kebabs and beer; otherwise he will attack you.
Throughout the ages, many tales have been told about princes and princesses cruelly transformed into frogs. Traditionally, a simple kiss would restore their true form. So if a small army of frogs comes to you, be prepared to smooch their leader.
[image] Genie
For some reason, a Genie may feel compelled to grant you a wish and advance one of your skills. They're fickle creatures and will teleport you if you choose not to accept their offer.
You might get teleported into a large maze by the Mysterious Old Man, but don't worry. Find the centre and you'll be released along with a reward. The quicker you manage it the bigger your reward!
There's a mystical theatre hidden away to which you may get teleported. All you have to do is follow the Mime's performance and you'll be released along with a reward.

If you have all the rewards already, you will receive gold pieces instead.
[image] Mysterious Old Man
This Mysterious Old Man may visit you to give you a 'strange box' or reward you with a gift. He is also known to teleport unsuspecting players to a maze or even away to interact with a mime artist!
Strange Box
If you're given a strange box by the Mysterious Old Man, open it and answer the question to receive a reward. Be careful, though: they will duplicate themselves until your inventory is full!
[image] Strange Plant - (Members only)
Strange Plants occasionally spring up and grow into carnivorous flora which will attack and poison you if you do not pick their fruit.

The strange fruit picked from the plant will restore run energy and counteract the effects of poison when eaten.
Exploding Rock
Sometimes there are dangerous gases in mining sites. Watch out that a spark from your pickaxe doesn't ignite it or it'll get damaged.

Fortunately Nurmof can repair pickaxes in the Dwarven Mines, for a small fee.
[image] Poison Gas - (Members only)
Some chests are filled with poisonous gas to deter would-be thieves; just get clear of the area until it dissipates so you don't fall victim to it.
Swarms of insects can be dangerous and hard to disperse; it's best to run away until they leave you alone.
[image] Whirlpool
Whirlpools can suck your Fishing equipment straight out of your hands.

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