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How do I report abuse?

Before you report

If you are going to send in a report against a player then you must make sure that it is a legitimate claim of abuse. This means that it must contain evidence of the situation or we will not be able to take any action. This means that you have to send the report in when you see it happening and not discuss it with your friends first.

You need to make sure that the person you are reporting is actually breaking one of the Codes of Conduct. Be assured that we look at all abuse reports thoroughly and if you are unsure then we can always make the decision for you, so if in doubt, send a report. Make sure that you do not, however, report someone who is obviously not breaking the Codes of Conduct, as this will reflect badly upon yourself.

If the chat filter has blocked out the profanity then there is no need to send in a report as they did not actually break the rules.

Petty abuse, such as simply calling someone a 'noob', is not a good enough reason to report someone for abuse as this is very common in online games and is not very offensive.

Being offensive to someone else and then reporting them when they retaliate is also a complete misuse of the system. Our logs will clearly show what happened before the report and it will be easy to see who actually started the incident.

Sending in hoax reports slows us down, and repeatedly doing so is likely to result in action being taken against your account.

Making your report

If you are sure you want to make an abuse report then please use the Report Abuse button, which is located in the bottom-right hand corner of the game window.

[image: report abuse button]

To use the Report Abuse button, simply click it, enter the player's name and select the relevant category - your abuse report will be sent automatically.

[image: report abuse menu]

Please only send in one report for each incident. We can get all of the information that we need from the single report and sending in many simply stops us being able to process your reports as quickly.

After your report

All abuse reports that we receive are looked into and actioned; however, it may be that we do not agree with your report or there is not enough evidence in the report and have decided to take no further action against the player. Please do not send in messages about the first report as our decision is FINAL. Also, please do not send in any additional reports unless you see the player breaking the rules again.

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