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Controls - Friends

In Rune1, having friends can come in handy. It's no wonder: making friends from all over the world is fun and exciting. To help you manage your friends, you have been given a Friends list and an Ignore list.
[image: the friends list]

Click on the yellow smiling face [image] in the control panel to access your friends list.

The friends list allows you to keep in contact with the friends you make in Rune1. Note that this also tells you which world you are in, making it easier to arrange meeting your friends in-game.

To add a friend to your list, click on the button marked "Add Friend", and type in the name of the person you want to add. You can also add a friend by right-clicking their name in the chat window and selecting the appropriate option.

After you have added a person to your friends list you will be informed whenever your friend logs in or out of Rune1 (unless their privacy settings block this - see below). Players on your list who are currently playing on the same world as you are shown in green, people who are playing but on a different world from yourself are shown in yellow, and players who are not currently playing are shown in red.

You can also send a private message to a person on your list who is playing. Just click on the player's name and type in the message you want to send. To remove someone from the list, click on the "Del Friend" button and type in the name of the person that you want to remove.

[image: ignore list]

Click on the red sad face [image] in the control panel to access your Ignore list.

If there is a particular player who you do not wish to receive messages from, put their name on this list.

To do this, click on the button at the bottom marked 'Add Name' and enter the name of the person that you wish to block.

You can also add players to your Ignore list by right-clicking their name in the chat window and selecting the appropriate option.

To remove someone from the list, click on the "Del Name" button and type in the name of the person that you want to remove.

The three options along the bottom of the Rune1 screen control how other players can interact with you.
[image: the Rune1 chat interface]

Each one has a different function:

Public chat:
Setting this option controls how much chat from other players you see on your screen. You can turn it to On, Friends only, Off or Hide. If you set it to On, your chat interface will display all the text everyone types when they are chatting to you and other players. When set to Friends only, the chat interface will display the chat lines for you and all your friends only. When set to Hide, if a player types some text, it is displayed above their head in the game window, nothing is displayed in the chat window. Setting it to Off disables public chat.

Private chat:
This sets how players can contact you with private messages. If set to On, anyone can contact you whether they are on your friends list or not. If set to Friends only, only people on your friends list will be able to send you messages. Off means you will not receive any private messages.

This button also controls how other players will see your online status. Anyone that can send you a message will be able to see whether you are on or offline.

Note: Original creators of the game staff moderators will always be able to send you messages regardless of your message settings. They can be recognised by the gold crown at the start of their messages.

This controls whether players can send you trade requests or challenge you for duels and other games. The options are On, Friends only or Off.

Report Abuse Button

The report abuse button is your means of reporting any player in Rune1 that is being abusive towards another player or is breaking one of our rules.

When you spot such behaviour or language, click on the report abuse button, correctly type in the offending player's name and then select one of the rules they have broken.

We will receive your abuse report and take action against the player immediately. If we find out that you are abusing the system, though, then action will be taken against you instead.

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