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Data Protection Policy

Rune1 holds a range of personal contact information which can include:

Please note, itís entirely possible that we hold all, none or only some of the above information, depending on if you have ever entered this into our systems.

If, for data protection purposes, you are concerned that the above personal information maintained by Rune1 is not correct, or should you wish to have your personal information removed from our records, please follow the steps below:

1. Request in writing & contact details

Please outline specifically your request. Your request should be one of the following:

Please also include full contact details for yourself. This should include your postal contact details and a telephone number, including international dialing codes.

Please send your data protection request, including full contact details, proof of identity and a cheque for the request fee to the following e-mail:

What will happen next?

Upon receiving your data protection request, we will review it accordingly and contact you within 30 days. Please do not attempt to contact us before 30 days, as this will not speed up the process.

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