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15 Oct 2018
The Halloween Event is coming soon! This October 31st the rare Halloween Masks will be dropped randomly all across the world of Rune1. They will drop at random locations periodically on October 31st 2018. This is a once in a life-time opportunity and the masks will never be dropped ever again. The event will last 72 hours - in order to give people who can only play on weekends a fair shot.

11 Oct 2018
Rune1 Client v1.0.8 is here! It contains several new features and bug fixes.
•Fall Theme - Leaves have dried out and turned orange all across the world of Rune1 for the months of October and November only. Get into the fall spirit and experience the game in a fresh new way like you've never seen it before. It can be toggled on/off in Main Menu -> More Options -> Theme.
•Chat Channels - A new global chat channel system was added, very similar to Clan Chats. 3 official channels are supported: game-chat, marketplace, and off-topic. You can access it by selecting Main Menu -> Chat Channels.
•Screenshot Function - You can now easily take a screenshot and automatically save it by using the Main Menu -> Screenshot function. Your screenshots are saved to .../Rune1 client folder/Screenshots/.
•Remember Login Details - A new toggleable option was added which saves your login details so that you dont have to re-enter them every time you restart Rune1.
•Linux Bug Fixes - Several bugs affecting Linux computers have been fixed.
•Halloween Background - For the month of October only Rune1 features a spooky new background and music.

22 Sept 2018

Rune1 Client v1.0.7 has been released! It contains the following changes...
•Various fixes for Mac / Linux computers.
•Fixed chatbox scrollbar glitches.
•Fixed drop option in resizable glitch.
•Fixed pixels around minimap sprite and compass.
•Fixed several items having wrong icon.
•Fixed right click options on noted items.
•Fixed prayer overhad icon positions.
•Fixed FoV on 1440p monitors.
•Improved sound system error handling.
•New Option: Toggle 1px black line on side of gamescreen.
•Added original skull sprite.
•Added several missing sound effects.

6 Sep 2018

Client version 1.0.5 was released subsequently followed by 1.0.6 fixing several bugs.
•Disconnection issue fixed
•New Option: Toggleable Render Distance (Medium, Far, Very Far)
•New Option: Toggleable Camera Speed (Very Slow, Slow, Normal)
•New Option: Toggleable Zoom (Disables and resets zoom to original value)
•New Option: Toggleable Roofs
•Maximum zoom distance extended
•Render issue at certain angles fixed
•Black minimap in resizable issue fixed
•::brightness command fixed
•Music tab visual glitch fixed
•Sounds cached in memory now and have lower latency
•More misc bugs fixed

29 Aug 2018

Client version 1.0.4 is here!
•Window title changed to 'Rune1 - The massive online adventure game'
•Fixes for Java 10. (fixed menu bar rendering issue)
•Fixed many items having the wrong icon or wrong options.
•Fixed private messaging (messages always goes through now)
•Fixed sideicon positions. (looks 100% like real game now)
•Fixed not being able to type after switching to low detail mode.
•Added original 2004 prayer overhead icons and multiway indicator.
•New Terms of Service Agreement screen added.
•Age confirmation screen added to censor toggle option.
•New Option: Enable Taskbar Notifications (flashes the taskbar tab and sends a dialogue message when you receive a PM or your username is mentioned in chat)
•New Option: CTRL-Key-to-reply. (functions like Tab-to-reply in the real game)
•Compatability requirement lowered to Java 7.
•New Batch launcher and Exe Launcher included (so you can more easily add a shortcut to your desktop or pin it to your start menu or taskbar)

28 Jun 2018

Client version 1.0.3 has been released. This update fixes a loading error caused by the sound system. From now on launching the game in Low Detail mode disables the sound system completely. After this update the game should work on all computers. If you get stuck loading at Preparing Game Engine, try playing in Low Detail mode. This update is optional.

25 Jun 2018

Today we release version 1.0.2 of the Rune1 game client, which fixes several bugs that players were experiencing with the first version. This update is optional, but it is recommended to update.
In other news, we are continuing to fix bugs and will be rolling out several system updates throughout the day.

22 Jun 2018

Rune1 has been officially released!

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